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Louise Gibson

Project Manager & Change Consultant

Ben Dixon

CTO & Co-Founder, Sona

Molly Vester-Jagger

Head of Customer Success, Sona

From purchase to roll-out: How to prevent implementation pitfalls

Webinar | 25 January 2024 | 12pm GMT

As 2024 starts, getting new initiatives off the ground and rolling-out digital solutions will be on everyone's mind.

Preparation is the key to success, so hearing the stories of those who've done this many times can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Our experts will be covering the practical steps of project managing a successful implementation, taking you from the moment a new solution is purchased to its roll-out day. We will also reveal new exclusive materials meant to help you navigate the tech landscape in the new year. 

This what you can expect from the free webinar:

  • Going from purchase to implementation
    Louise Gibson, a Project Manager and Change Consultant, will cover how to hand over from the purchasing team, where to start the implementation process, and the pitfalls to stay clear of.
  • The Social Care tech landscape 
    Ben Dixon, the Co-Founder and CTO of Sona, specialises in understanding which solutions can and should communicate, and advising providers on what is feasible product development-wise.
  • Designing a training process for Care staff  
    Staff buy-in is essential to the effective deployment of any solution, so Molly Vester-Jagger, Sona's Head of Customer Success, will be sharing the lessons she's learned helping Care teams gain confidence in their new software. 

Recording now available