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Karina Coen

VP of productivity solutions, Sona

Richard Tomlinson

Sales Director, Recruit Genie

Frontline flexibility: The benefits that stand out in recruitment & retention

Webinar | 27 March 2024 | 12pm GMT

When thinking about a new role, 71% of UK frontline employees say being able to have a flexible working pattern is important.

Frontline organisations have a unique opportunity to answer this need.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the flexibility options available and the practical steps to implement them, employers can ensure they attract the best talent and retain it long-term.

Here's what you can expect from the webinar:

  • What does flexibility look like on the frontline? 
    From sending schedules 4+ weeks in advance, to making overtime available and equitable and enabling financial independence, we'll cover the most needed benefits on the frontline.
  • How to retain people past the onboarding period?
    Richard Tomlinson has seen many recruitment & retention trends in his two decade career on the frontline, and will be recounting what helps retain talent past the onboarding period and beyond. 
  • Which tech enables employers to offer the flexibility their teams need?
    Karina Coen has been helping frontline organisations implement digital solutions for over 15 years, and will share which tech is essential to offering true flexibility.

Recording now available