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Richard Upshall

Head of Product, Sona

Keryn Morris

Locality Manager, Skills for Care

Simon Bottery

Senior Fellow, Social Care, The Kings Fund

The Big Reshuffle, Part 2: How to attract the next generation of carers

Webinar | 28 February 2024 | 12pm GMT

Uncovering why people join Social Care and the reasons they choose to stay is key to attracting the next generation of carers.

We surveyed 1000 people in the UK in 2023.

Part 1 of The Big Reshuffle looked at those leaving the sector. Part 2 continues the conversation by looking at new joiners, and offers practical insights that help leaders take action and implement relevant changes.

Here's what you can expect from the free webinar:

  • How can you make your organisation more attractive to new joiners? 
    Personal passion is the number one driver for new joiners, but engaging these potential employees so they choose your organisation is key.
  • What drives the younger generation to care work?
    Value-driven recruitment can open up a new pool of candidates, but identifying what attracts the right people is what makes these recruitment runs truly successful.  
  • Once hired, how do you retain them?
    Different generations have different priorities, so understanding what matters most to them is the best way to start designing an effective retention strategy. 

Recording now available