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Paul Watson

VP, Hospitality at Sona

Hannah Swarbrick-Done

HR Manager at East Coast Concepts

Closing the gap: Strategies for workforce retention in hospitality

Webinar | 9 August 2023 | 1pm BST

Join us on 9 August as we delve into the challenges and effective strategies for retaining employees in the hospitality industry.

Our guest speaker Hannah Swarbrick-Done from East Coast Concepts will be joining industry expert Paul Watson to share their invaluable experiences with staff retention in the industry.

Get ready for a productive and informative discussion that will equip you with valuable insights to help you overcome staffing challenges in the hospitality industry.

As a hospitality manager, you will take away:

  • Insights on the importance of creating a positive work culture
  • Strategies for employee development and career progression
  • Solutions to ensure effective communication and transparent leadership

Recording now available