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Neil Eastwood

CEO, Care Friends

Oli Johnson

Co-founder, Sona

The Big Reshuffle

Webinar | 7 September 2023 | 1pm BST

Get the main insights from a poll of 1,000 Health and Social Care leavers and joiners and learn how industry leaders can multiply recruitment and retention efforts.

Here's what you can expect from the free webinar:

  • How can you optimise recruitment and onboarding?
    Although new joiners are drawn to the sector by a personal passion or inspired by someone already in the sector, 16% report not feeling appreciated.
  • How can you really hear what your teams think to spot early warning signs?
    Company email and scheduled check-ins are the most common ways to give feedback to managers - could a dedicated messaging app be the answer to acting on feedback?
  • What can be done to reduce churn
    Currently, the most common reasons for moving are better pay, more flexibility, better hours, more opportunities to progress and less travel.
But that's not all!
As a bonus, you'll receive exclusive access to The Big Reshuffle report part 1.

Recording now available