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Free Employee Rota Planner

Balance employee shifts, overtime, contracted hours and payroll in one free downloadable Excel rota template or Google sheet.

Beat the spreadsheet with Smart Scheduling 

Manage your workforce with a dynamic roster - built to fit your business.

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Keep your roster full

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Take the manual work out of scheduling and create a smart rota in minutes

Last minute changes and staff shortages require constant rota updates. Sona helps you build full rosters without the heavy lifting: 

  • Shift Filler 
    Managers can push out smart notifications and set 'open' shifts, so staff can fill the rota with a click of a button 
  • Assign Shifts 
    Bulk-assign shifts to fit recurring shift patterns, saving managers admin time 
  • Dynamic Templates 
    Create and save custom templates so you can populate rosters at speed 
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Work smarter, not harder

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Assess multiple contract types, pay codes TUPE and manage agency staff all on one system 

Payroll errors and manual contract tracking can be a thing of the past. Sona is built to help you manage: 

  • Reporting
    Generate accurate reporting for employee pay, care hours vs. shared care hours and unplanned absence in real-time
  • Staff Contracts
    Track over 20 different employee contract types and view overtime, contractable hours, overtime pay and set working time directives on one platform
  • Integrate Agency Views 
    Manage agency shift workers from the same roster so you can fill your schedule gaps seamlessly
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