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Appreciation Matters

Why Social Care needs a new culture of employee recognition

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About this report

Employee recognition programs are no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ - they are a must. 

Appreciation truly matters in care.

Our survey of 500 UK Health & Social Care employees highlights both the pivotal role of recognition in improving retention rates and the urgent need to address a perceived lack of appreciation in the sector:

  • More than 2 in 5 health and social care employees have left a job because they didn’t feel valued, costing thousands of pounds each to replace
  • Over 20% say they rarely, or almost never, feel their work is appreciated
  • 77% want to receive recognition from their employer, but just 21% say this happens regularly

Our latest research report features:

  • Exclusive data on the current state of employee recognition in Social Care
  • Three critical steps organisations can take to foster a culture of recognition in the workplace
  • How to make the business case for recognition programmes 

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