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Rethinking Retention 2022

This new research report explores: 

  • The most important influences on staff satisfaction
  • Three key areas to focus on this year
  • Ideas and tools to boost engagement and retention

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About this report

Staff retention will be even more crucial in 2022.

We surveyed 750 UK-based employees in the care sector to find out how they feel about their current work situations and what matters most to them when making job decisions.

The results suggest the ongoing staffing challenge in care could worsen this year:

  • 44% of respondents are considering leaving their employer this year
  • 32% of those are thinking about leaving the sector entirely
  • That equates to more than one in ten employees - approximately 216,000 roles in England

Yes, this is a worrying trend. But it also represents an opportunity for care organisations to rethink how they support, engage and motivate their staff.

Download your free copy to find out what care employees say matters to them most at work and what questions and practical steps employers should be considering to boost staff retention rates.