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The Big Reshuffle (Part 2)

PUBLISHED: December 2023
Why are people joining Social Care and how to retain them?

We surveyed 1000 people in the UK during July 2023. 

Part 1 of The Big Reshuffle looked at those leaving the sector. Part 2 continues the conversation and offers practical insights that help leaders take action and implement relevant changes by focusing on why people join the Health and Social Care sector.

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Why Part 2?

The trends influencing the Health and Social Care sector are complex and they impact most aspects of the recruitment and retention process. In surveying 1000 Health and Social Care professionals, we uncovered a wealth of data that could significantly help organisations tailor their efforts. We started by delving into leavers’ responses and focusing on what might have motivated them to stay in Part 1.

The Big Reshuffle (Part 2) continues this conversation, and offers practical insights and solutions that help leadership take action and implement relevant changes by focusing on why people join the Health and Social Care sector.

Here are the top three things that stood out to me:

  1. Personal passion is the number one driver for new joiners.
  2. Attention from managers and appreciation go a long way towards increasing retention.
  3. Young people are interested in a Care career because it speaks to their values - loved Saghir’s story on page 7 highlighting his positive experience and personal impact.

These point towards the many opportunities providers have to make small changes that have a big impact on new joiners and existing employees alike. Showing appreciation to staff and sharing how satisfying Care work can be when recruiting will contribute to making the sector more attractive to the next generation.

Sona believes in collaborating closely with our Care customers. We want to know as much as possible about every influencing factor, so that we can give them the best solution we can for their needs. Over the last year, we have consistently built new features and functionalities in direct response to feedback and collected insights such as the ones you are about to read.

Moving forward, in 2024, tech which supports Social Care providers to increase employee satisfaction is tech that will contribute to them becoming more attractive employers and successfully managing the continuous challenge that is recruitment and retention.

Improving the lives of those who care for the most vulnerable is essential because, ultimately, it is people who are at the heart of Social Care.

Oli Johnson
Sona Co-Founder