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The top staff benefits that drive revenue

Top takeaways for multi-site leadership teams in Hospitality

30% of respondents plan to leave in the next 12 months, costing 1000+ employee organisations £1.6m on average.

Retaining them comes down to HOW leaders deliver self-service benefits and use forecasting to reconcile employee wellbeing with business growth demands. 

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A note from Karina Coen

What stood out to me most was how often public praise and manager interactions were mentioned. These human touches are essential to a great employee experience and, therefore, to retention.

However, many respondents weren’t able to self-service many basic operational activities, leaving managers busy with admin and little time to inspire and motivate.

Seeing how driven team members are when they’re kept up-to-date with business metrics makes me confident there is a big opportunity in this data for leaders looking to boost productivity.

This report goes beyond simply showing that staff need more support and formulates a set of solutions that Hospitality operators can consider in order to empower every employee to perform their best.

Avoiding that £1.6m bill is certainly great motivation, but as we all know, happy employees are productive employees, and investing in their wellbeing is essential to growing long-term.

Karina Coen
VP of Productivity Solutions, Sona