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Our regular online and in-person events tackle some of the biggest people challenges with the help of some of the sector's leading trailblazers.

The Big Reshuffle

07 September 2023

Join us on 7 September and learn how health and social care leaders can multiply recruitment and retention efforts.

Closing the gap: Strategies for workforce retention in hospitality

09 August 2023

Join us on 9 August as we delve into the challenges and effective strategies for retaining employees in the hospitality industry.

Strategic rostering for exceptional care: The winning formula

17 July 2023

We'll look at the key principles and best practices that will transform your organisation's rostering strategy.

Data-backed Care: How to start building a data-driven culture for all

22 June 2023

Join us as we delve into the ways in which organisations are utilising analytics to improve their decision-making, enhance resident outcomes, and boost operational efficiency.

Q&A: How to claim up to £600k for your digital transformation project

18 May 2023

There is a relatively unknown grant available to support care providers to digitise that can cover a range of software, hardware and services - including e-rostering.

Digital skills in Social Care - time for an upgrade?

17 May 2023

Hear from our expert panel as they discuss how providers can ensure their teams are confident using technology and which digital skills should they focus on.

Adapting to change: How to lead care teams through uncertain times

19 April 2023

Our expert panel will discussed how care professionals can build adaptability and resilience within their teams to meet the challenges ahead. 

Employee empowerment: How tech can help your staff deliver better care

09 March 2023

Our expert panel discuss how new technologies can support frontline teams to provide the best care possible and explore the growing importance of employee empowerment in modern care delivery.

Digital Transformation: Bold predictions for social care in 2023

08 February 2023

Technology holds the power to transform Social Care services, but how do you decide what tech is worth the hype? We asked our expert panel where they think digital transformation is going to take the sector in 2023.

Does Social Care need a new culture of employee recognition?

11 January 2023

Neil Eastwood from Care Friends and Adam Purnell from the Institute of Health & Social Care Management join Oli Johnson to ask whether Social Care needs a new culture of recognition and explore the critical steps organisations can take to make appreciation a consistent part of their workplace cultures.

Why you should care about social care reports

13 December 2022

We joined The Caring View to look at at some real world examples of social care reports, the impact they have had on the sector, and why now more than ever it's important you engage and get involved with as many reports as possible.

Keynote: Are you ready for the flexible working revolution in social care?

12 October 2022

In his keynote at the Care Show 2022, Sona Co-founder Oli Johnson highlights some of the key flexible working trends and preferences amongst today's care workforce. He also explores how providers can innovate to increase their 'flex appeal' and win and retain more talent.

Rethinking Retention: How technology can help social care providers to reduce staff churn

01 February 2022

Almost 1 in 2 employees in the care sector are considering a role change in 2022. In this presentation for UK Care Week, Richard - our Head of Product for Health & Social Care - highlights the key findings and explores how technology can take a leading role in helping employers boost staff engagement, happiness and retention.