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A SaaS revolution is coming for the 99%

PUBLISHED: 31 January 2024

"We are seeing a groundswell of interest from the tech industry to develop ways to serve frontline workers...exemplified by companies like Homebase, Sona, Connecteam or Combo."

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11 UK startups to watch, according to investors

PUBLISHED: 04 May 2023

VCs from Balderton, Octopus Ventures, Northzone and AlbionVC shared the startups they’ve got in their sights.

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Meet Sona, the modern workforce management platform

PUBLISHED: 11 February 2023

As part of our quick fire questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to Oli Johnson, cofounder of Sona about building a mobile-first workforce management platform for the global 'deskless' workforce.

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From the Editor: Why appreciation matters

PUBLISHED: 09 February 2023

According to Sona, this lack of appreciation is a significant driver of preventable turnover that the sector simply cannot afford – there is a close correlation between how highly an individual values recognition and their willingness to leave if they do not get it.

In other words: employee recognition programs are no longer a ‘nice-to-have’; they are a must.

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The HR tech that actually matters in 2023, according to VCs

PUBLISHED: 30 January 2023

Amid a sea of HR tech tools, we asked investors to select the ones that remain vital for startups and employees during tough economic times.

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Sona acquires hospitality communications platform Yapster

PUBLISHED: 17 January 2023

Hospitality communications platform Yapster has been acquired by Sona for an undisclosed sum.

The deal is expected to fuel the expansion of Sona's frontline operating system, which has raised $10m (£8.1m) since receiving backing from Google's Gradient Ventures. Together, Sona and Yapster serve more than 100,000 customers in five countries across social care, logistics, retail and hospitality.

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Two in five staff have left the care sector as they “didn’t feel valued”

PUBLISHED: 02 December 2022

New research by workforce software company Sona has found that 41% of sector workers have left a previous role due to a lack of appreciation. 

A further 31% said they seriously considered quitting.

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LIC AWARDS 2022 WINNERS: Innovative Solutions – Care Homes award

PUBLISHED: 13 October 2022

The winner of the 2022 Innovative Solutions – Care Homes award is Sona.

The Innovative Solutions for Care Homes award recognises the leading technology suppliers serving the UK care home industry.

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What Monzo cofounder Tom Blomfield did next

PUBLISHED: 16 August 2022

Tom Blomfield is one of the most well-known faces in European tech. 

He’s cofounded two $1bn+ fintech companies in the last decade: GoCardless in 2011, alongside Hiroki Takeuchi and Matt Robinson; and Monzo in 2015, alongside Jonas Huckestein, Jason Bates, Paul Rippon and Gary Dolman... 

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Balancing the Grind with Steffen Wulff Petersen, Co-Founder at Sona

PUBLISHED: 09 June 2022

BALANCE THE GRIND: Conversations about work, life & balance.

Steffen Wulff Petersen is the co-founder at Sona, an employee app creating the People OS for deskless teams, launched in 2021.

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London-based firm transforming world of deskless work gets Google and Monzo founder backing

PUBLISHED: 31 March 2022

Sona has roped in $6.8 million of funding to reduce the technology gap between desk-based and deskless workers.

Deskless workers make up 80% of the global workforce (over 2.7 billion people). Yet, they have been significantly underserved...

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London-based Sona picks up €6.2 million for its people operating system for frontline and deskless workers

PUBLISHED: 31 March 2022

In what is a second funding round in just four months, Sona has raised about €6.2 million for its app dedicated to deskless workers.

The round was led by Google’s Gradient Ventures with prominent angel investors getting involved. 

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Fortune's Term Sheet

PUBLISHED: 31 March 2022

Sona, a London-based work management platform for deskless employees, raised $7 million in seed funding led by Gradient Ventures and was joined by investors including Monzo founder Tom Blomfield, Speedinvest, and Notion Capital. 

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Unpredictable hours cause care exodus, says Sona

PUBLISHED: 21 February 2022

Close to one in every two care sector employees are thinking about a role change this year, according to new research published today by workforce software company Sona.

In a survey of 750 staff working in care in the UK, 30 per cent said they are looking at a new role within care, and 14 per cent could quit the sector entirely.

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PUBLISHED: 04 January 2022

Continuing our countdown of the best care home products & services in 2021, care software provider Sona shares its mission to revolutionise the way enterprise software is designed and used by care staff.

We view the challenges of modern work through the eyes of your employees and create powerful features to meet their needs and expectations...

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Sona - the employee app for the deskless industries

PUBLISHED: 05 October 2021

Sona is a London-based startup that's created a solution to empower frontline workers with the tools they need to make work easier.

Not all workers are desk workers, and while those who do work at a desk have a wealth of tools at their fingertips for all sorts of things...

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Secrets of Success: Steffen Wulff Petersen, co-founder of Sona

PUBLISHED: 04 October 2021

Have you ever wondered how many people have ‘desk-less’ jobs? Steffen Wulff Petersen did and now he’s revolutionised the way that they communicate and manage their day jobs for the better…

His Sona app makes common every day tasks extremely easy and convenient for employees to complete autonomously so they feel more empowered and valued at work.

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Sona start-up raises £1.6m funding for care staff app

PUBLISHED: 10 August 2021

Workforce technology startup Sona has raised £1.6m in funding to accelerate the development and adoption of its app for health and social care employees.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Ben Dixon, Steffen Wulff Petersen and Oli Johnson, the Sona app features live schedule view, absence management, instant messaging and Open Shifts...

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Sona raises $2.2M for its next-gen employee app dedicated to frontline workers

PUBLISHED: 10 August 2021

Many day-to-day people management tasks in healthcare, retail and hospitality, and leisure are still paper-based or haven’t been digitised.

The pressure to complete the tasks efficiently by the end of the day can be nerve-wracking... 

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