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Maximise profitability through AI-powered forecasting & scheduling

Developed by hospitality experts, Sona takes operations of your multi-site restaurant group to the next level. Sona empowers every employee to deliver great work - all through one app.


shifts created via Sona

Increase sales per labour hour

Our technology calculates the workload required to meet customer demands.

Smart scheduling & forecasting

Highly configurable and easily scalable scheduling for multi-site businesses.

Employee empowerment

A modern mobile app experience that will wow your employees.


AI-powered forecast for optimal operations efficiency


Our cutting-edge employee forecast module gives you access to a competitive advantage through:

  • Accurate forecasting: Gain insights into your future sales and demand patterns.
  • Labour productivity analysis: Our module calculates the workload required to meet customer demands.
  • Streamlined auto-scheduling: This automated process considers the forecasting data and labour productivity analysis, ensuring that you have the right staff in the right place at the right time.
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Scheduling for large restaurant groups

Sona goes beyond employee scheduling. Our tool is highly configurable and easily scalable.

  • Fill your rotas in seconds across all your locations.
  • Access our shift marketplace which shows employees the available shifts they can claim independently on their Sona app.
  • Reduce payroll errors and simplify your processes with real-time T&A.
  • Set up a centralised hub with your employees' directory, employment records, and essential documentation.
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Employee management and empowerment


We believe a motivated and engaged team is core to operations efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Our mobile app has a slick user interface for employees to pick up extra shifts across different sites, request leave, and see all updates in one place.
  • Sona's Engagement Cloud allows you to foster a positive work environment by recognising and rewarding your employees' achievements.
  • Sona promotes transparency and inclusion, giving everyone access to a company wide newsfeed as well as group or 1-1 messaging.
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Report as a service with a dedicated engineer


Optimise your staffing strategies, reduce expenses, and drive profitability.

Make informed decisions with Sona's robust data analytics and reporting features.

Gain valuable insights into your employees performance, labour costs, and operational efficiency through fully customisable reports and visualisations.

A trustworthy partnership from implementation to growth

  • Dedicated team: Our customer support team will not leave your side and will guide you through every onboarding step with Sona.
  • API Integration: Sona will support your integration with existing software providers through API connections.
  • Training: Your managers and employees will be up to speed on how to use Sona before launch.
  • Employee app: Everyone will have easy access to Sona via our employee app.
  • Reporting as a service: You will collaborate with our team of data analysts to personalise your reporting requirements.
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Take the first step towards streamlining employee scheduling, enhancing productivity, and elevating guest satisfaction.

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