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We'd love to learn more about your organisation to help explore what Sona can do for you.

The award-winning platform for Social Care teams

Bring out the best in your teams with Sona's Frontline Operating System designed for Social Care organisations.

  • Manage, engage and retain your valuable team members
  • Reduce staffing agency use by 60%
  • Free up managers with automated scheduling, streamlined absence handling, and simplified payroll reconciliation

shifts created via Sona

Seamlessly schedule shared care vs. 1:1 care, and meet your employees' contracted hours all in one place

  • People We Support schedule view
    View the care type, the responsible staff member, and any shared support arrangements, shift-by-shift.
  • Commissioned vs. scheduled hours
    Instantly compare each scheduled commissioned hours to rostered hours with Sona’s configurable dashboards.
  • Simplified reporting
    Unify shared care records, track shift changes, access  dashboards to ensure scheduled and templated hours match each client, and simplify reporting to local authorities.
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Get real-time visibility of contracted hours fulfilment and who's working when across all of your locations

  • Shift Filler
    Unexpected gaps in the rota?  Enable managers to set 'open' shifts that relevant and available staff can pick up as they choose within the Sona app.
  • Assign shifts
    Bulk-assign shifts to fit recurring shift patterns and save time.
  • Dynamic templates
    Feed Sona your existing employee schedules and let it craft reusable templates from there.
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Ensure you reach your clients' goals through strategic skill-matching your staff

Domiciliary care shift run
  • Shift runs
    Have complete visibility over what team member is supporting what client and when,  in any individual shift run. 
  • Skills tagging
    Match your team's skills with your clients’ needs to ensure shifts are correctly scheduled with the most appropriate team members.
  • Accurate payroll processing
    App-based T&A makes it easy to clock-in and out at the right times and report any issues, helping you generate more accurate payroll much more quickly.
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Domiciliary care shift run

Trusted by care companies around the UK and Ireland

The frontline app built by Social Care experts

Sona has used insights provided by experts and clients alike, to helps other providers improve employee engagement and retention by:

  • Offering employees with a modern, intuitive app built for Social Care 
  • Giving employees fairer access to overtime & making it easy to increase earnings
  • Providing full visibility over the schedule in real-time
  • Enabling managers to easily give praise and recognition
  • Making employees feel seen and heard through the inbuilt well-being functionality

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A few of our customers

The app we have waited years for! Sona has been a time saver and a stress reliever.

We cut agency hours by 63% within the first three months of using Sona.

Claire Kennedy

Head of HR, Advinia Health Care

What sets Sona apart is its grounding in the real-world needs of the Social Care sector. Built by industry professionals, the system is attuned to the unique challenges and ever-changing demands of social care.

It was like finding the golden egg that everyone looks for! Sona encompasses rostering, leave management, reporting, payroll, and timesheets - all in one solution, which we had never experienced before.

Effortlessly streamline your staff management across multiple locations

Sona is designed to prioritise flexible, cross-site, and cross-role work, ensuring efficient shift management without sacrificing compliance or performance.

  • Optimise shift fulfilment
    Let staff  pick up shifts at different locations per your organisational rules to achieve higher shift fulfilment while ensuring shifts are visible only to relevant employees for maximum simplicity and efficiency.
  • Improve payroll accuracy
    Effortlessly handle the complexities associated with different shift types, pay grades, and required skills.
  • Real-time feedback
    Monitor staff wellbeing scores and keep track of team members at risk of attrition for individual teams and locations.
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Seamless integrations

Sona slots right into your existing workflow, enhancing efficiency and simplifying processes. Here's how:

  • Resident and employee details in one unified view
    Workforce management and care planning work together to combine details of resident care with staff scheduling and automatically reports this all to HR. Reduce your payroll and admin errors while enhancing the user experience for your entire team.
  • A singular, dynamic ecosystem
    We integrate your preferred Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Learning Management System (LMS) with Sona HR. A smooth synchronisation between your employee management, recruitment, and learning processes.
  • It's not magic, it's our API
    Our free, open API means that Sona can connect directly with the in-house tools, reporting or external systems you want to continue using.
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Report on what really matters

Monitor critical data such as shift cancellations, agency usage, and contracted hours with personalised dashboards and reporting.

  • Optimise agency usage
    Identify patterns and trends in agency staff usage across the organisation.
  • Absence management
    Keep track of your employees' absences, and monitor patterns across different teams.
  • Improve payroll accuracy
    Quickly identify any discrepancies in hours worked vs. contracted hours.

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