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Calculate your employees' holiday entitlement

Download the free Holiday Entitlement Calculator by filling in the form below.

Staying on top of your teams' holiday is an important part of running an effective organisation.​

Staff need to know how many hours/days they can take so they can plan their leave. Managers need to stay on top of holiday allowances to ensure:

  1. That a surplus of untaken hours isn't building up towards the end of the business year, which can disrupt schedules and the financial plan
  2. That colleagues are spending enough time away from work when they need it and aren't at risk of getting burnout

Which is why Sona has a suite of scheduling and absence management tools to take the manual work out of holiday management - including the calculator below.

PS If you need to check your numbers, has a handy guide to holiday entitlement here.

Example of Holiday Entitlement Calculator