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Bespoke research and industry insights from Sona.

How to invest in Social Care solutions that pay for themselves

PUBLISHED: June 2024

An ROI matrix for large operators rolling out digital solutions

Leaders in large organisations will find many options when it comes to buying new tech...


The top staff benefits that drive revenue


Top takeaways for multi-site leadership teams in Hospitality

30% of respondents plan to leave in the next 12 months, costing 1000+ employee organisations £1.6m on average.


Trailblazers 2024

PUBLISHED: February 2024

Innovation and dedication to caring for others go hand in hand.

Each year, we’re committed to showcasing a different set of Social Care leaders who bring a fresh approach and change how services are delivered in their organisation

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The Big Reshuffle (Part 2)

PUBLISHED: December 2023

Why are people joining Social Care and how to retain them?

This report continues the conversation started in Part 1, and offers practical insights and solutions that help leadership take action and implement relevant changes by focusing on why people join the Health and Social Care sector.  


Beyond Job Boards

PUBLISHED: November 2023

10 creative Social Care recruitment tactics

A resource to help you expand your recruitment strategy beyond the tried and tested, and share ten ways you can reach more applicants and fill your open roles.


Mapping the Hospitality Exit

PUBLISHED: November 2023

Why are Hospitality workers leaving the industry, and what can you do to retain them?

This report looks at the trends seen in the last year, and highlights how Hospitality organisations can improve recruitment and retention in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


The Big Reshuffle (Part 1)

PUBLISHED: September 2023

Why are people leaving Social Care, and where are they going?

This report looks at the trends seen in the last year, the meaningful changes compared to 2022, and highlights how Social Care organisations can improve recruitment and retention, and better target the needs of those who receive care.


How do hospitality operators gain a competitive advantage?

PUBLISHED: July 2023

10 practical strategies to boost your sales per labour hour

These practical strategies will help your hospitality organisation gain a competitive edge by boosting sales per labour hour (SPLH). Provide a few details to get instant access!


15 top employee retention tactics for social care

PUBLISHED: June 2023

Showing appreciation is crucial for staff retention in the care industry.

Our latest report provides 15 practical ways to boost team morale with proven examples from across the sector. Provide a few details to get instant access!


Digital Investment in Social Care

PUBLISHED: April 2023

The digital revolution has arrived.

We asked 250 Social Care leaders about their attitudes towards digitisation and their plans for the next 12 months - and you can access the results right here.


Trailblazers 2023

PUBLISHED: February 2023

Social Care is on the brink of a digital revolution. We believe that’s because there’s a growing cohort of professionals across the sector with almost insatiable appetites for transformation.

So we created Trailblazers to celebrate some of those leaders and showcase the ways they are bringing fresh thinking and innovation to how care services are delivered and care providers are run.

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Appreciation Matters

PUBLISHED: November 2022

Employee recognition programs are no longer a 'nice-to-have' - they are a must.

Our survey of 500 UK Health & Social Care employees highlights both the pivotal role of recognition in improving retention rates and the urgent need to address a perceived lack of appreciation in the sector.


Flex Appeal

PUBLISHED: October 2022

58% of care sector employees don't believe work-life balance exists in the care sector.

We surveyed 750 UK care sector employees to understand their attitudes towards flexible working and what these mean for providers looking to increase their ‘flex appeal’.


The Big Exit Interview 2022

PUBLISHED: August 2022

Why are health and social care workers leaving... and where are they going?

1 in every 10 health and social care workers could leave the sector this year​. This represents an opportunity for care organisations to rethink how they support, engage and motivate their staff.


Rethinking Retention


We surveyed 750 UK-based employees in the care sector to find out how they feel about their current work situations and what matters most to them when making job decisions.

The results suggest the ongoing staffing challenge in care could worsen this year. But this represents an opportunity for care organisations to rethink how they support, engage and motivate their staff.