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Key Performance Indicators for 2024

Reveal the metrics leaders will track in 2024...


Financial & operations performance

Care quality

RecruitmentThe vacancy rate to be under 10.7% 
(national average)

Overall occupancy rateNumber of occupied beds over all beds to grow YoY

Resident satisfaction80% of residents declare satisfaction with care services

RetentionStaff voluntarily terminating their contract to be under 30% (national average)

Occupancy by funding typeProportion of privately funded fee payers vs. local authority funded fee payers

CQC rating or equivalent80% of locations to obtain a “Good” or “Outstanding” rating

Feedback80% of staff to take a yearly satisfaction survey

Staff costsStaff cost over total operating costs to be optimised YoY

Internal quality assurance score75% of services to achieve a score of 85%

Job satisfaction75% of employees would recommend your company as a good place to work

Staff agencyProportion of agency hours over all hours delivered to decrease YoY

Reaction time90% of complaints to be resolved within 1 month

TrainingStaff engaged in training to grow YoY

Payroll accuracyNumber of discrepancies across all staff to decrease YoY

Incident managementNumber of medication errors or incidents to decrease YoY

Schedule visibilityNumber of rosters shared 4 weeks in advance to increase YoY

Impact of last-minute changes (for supported living)Same-day shifts cancelled by the organisation or by the client to decrease YoY

AbsenceYearly sickness days to be below 8.1 per employee (national average)