The accurate way to track time and attendance

Simplify the payroll process and eliminate mistakes with real-time T&A

  • App or kiosk-based clocking

  • Location verification clock in and out

  • Easy approval and exception handling for managers

  • Export to payroll

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Used by 15,000+ frontline employees 

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The team at Sona were very helpful and incredibly accommodating to all our requirements, ensuring that we could roll out very quickly and with minimal effort needed on our part.

The system is very well used and is now in all our homes with great results, with not just financial benefits seen but colleague morale having increased as they can easily see their rotas and also pick up extra shifts as they want to.

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Claire Kennedy, Head of HR
Advinia Healthcare

Location-specific time tracking.

In real time.

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Time & Attendance that makes payroll easy and accurate


Location-specific hours tracking makes it easy to trust your hours data


Our easy to use exception handling saves managers more than 5 hours per week


Track rota compliance and contracted hours so you only pay for worked hours


Our time tracking solution makes it easy for employees and managers to track hours, across any device. 

Our location-based time tracking technology ensures that managers will be able to see if employees were in the right location at check-in. If an employee checks in or out early or late, they’ll be required to submit their reason for exception handling.

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Did an employee clock in late? Were there unexpected changes to the rota? We make handling exceptions easy and quick. 

Forget about old and time-consuming ways of checking and approving timesheets. Our user friendly timesheets solution makes it effortless to check and approve timesheets, in bulk or one-by-one. 


Don’t pay for hours that weren’t worked. 

With real-time hours tracking, you’ll never be paying for hours that weren’t worked. We help you simplify and optimise the payroll process by giving you access to real-time data in the Sona data suite. See reports, manage exceptions and export to payroll all in one intuitive interface. 

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Sona integrates with your favourite systems

Get more out of your existing systems by connecting them to your workforce through the Sona employee app. 













Time & Attendance FAQs

What are the benefits of using app-based software for recording time and attendance?

There are lots of benefits to using dedicated, cloud-based Time & Attendance software, but three of the biggest are:

  1. Time efficiency. Hours reconciliation is one of the most time-consuming parts of a manager’s week. The right software can automate a lot of the manual work and reduce the time it takes to complete the tasks that can’t be automated.

  2. Higher quality data. Having reliable digital records of when and where staff worked means a more accurate payroll. But it also lets you access valuable real-time intelligence about your people and operations that can help improve future schedules.

  3. A better employee experience. Making rosters T&A digitally to your staff gives them greater control and flexibility over their working hours and fairer access to overtime. It also makes shift-based communication quicker, easier and less intrusive when they’re not on shift.

Can Sona's time and attendance software integrate into our existing payroll?

Yes. Rostering in Sona accommodates all working patterns, shift and role types. So full time staff with fixed salaries can be scheduled right alongside hourly workers - not just in one location, but across sites, too.

Can staff clock in on site if they don't have the app?

Silos are the enemy of efficient organisations. Sona is designed to integrate with your existing software so your staff can access everything in one place and data can move seamlessly between systems. We offer SSO and and we integrate with a wide range of HR, payroll and WFM platforms.

Sona makes it easy to see who is on site at all times.

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Sona’s real-time Time and Attendance solution makes it easy to track who is on site at all times.


Whether you want to access historical reports for compliance purposes or see current site attendance for fire safety, we’ve got you covered.

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