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Forget spreadsheets and old-fashioned systems that can no longer keep up with the needs of modern frontline workforces.

Find out more about our next-generation workforce management solution.


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Trusted by frontline companies around the UK and Ireland

Why Sona?

Operations Cloud

Fill multi-site schedules in seconds

Staff shortages and short notice changes are a constant headache for managers. Sona helps you build full schedules in minutes.

  • Dynamic templates
    Create and save custom templates so you can populate schedules in minutes.
  • Assign shifts
    Managers can bulk-assign shifts to fit recurring shift patterns.
  • Shift Filler
    Managers can set 'open' shifts that available staff can pick up as they choose.
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Save over 5h per week for your managers

Reduce payroll errors with real time T&A and simplify your processes.

  • Location verification
    Managers can trust the hours recorded by employees thanks to geotagging technology that confirms employees were at the correct location.
  • Easy exception handling
    Whether an employee clocks in late or there are unexpected rota changes, the system streamlines exception management.
  • Accurate hours & payroll data 
    With our manager approval system and hours tracking feature, it's easy to only pay for hours worked. 
More about Time & Attendance

Fill 50% more shifts with your own staff

A 'shift marketplace' that shows employees the available overtime shifts they can claim in seconds.

  • Maximise shift fulfilment
    Fill up to 50% more shifts using your own employees, eliminating the need for expensive agency staff and ensuring consistency.
  • Automated management
    Save managers over 5h each week by automating shift filling processes and avoiding manual calls with our dedicated app.
  • Boost employee engagement
    Double the number of staff regularly claiming extra shifts, resulting in higher satisfaction, improved engagement, and increased retention.
More about Shift Filler

Reduced costs and higher user satisfaction

Ensure shifts are covered by your own staff and maintain consistency of care.

  • Automated shift assignment
    If a shift isn't picked up by a team member 24h prior, it can be assigned to a preferred agency worker from supplier lists, ensuring shifts are always covered.
  • Streamlined notifications
    Agencies are automatically alerted once a shift has been assigned to their staff, significantly reducing the administrative tasks for managers.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
    Boost both care outcomes and operational predictability by always knowing who is working and when.
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HR Cloud

A convenient way to view and search your employees


With all your employee data and records in one integrated HR system.

  • Flexible permissions
    Ensure people only see a suitable subset of employees, such as their direct reports or department.
  • Customisable system
    To match the structure of your organisation, providing a seamless experience when managing employee data.
  • Employee tracking
    Streamline your HR workflows, and improve your overall efficiency.
More about Employee Directory

Make employment changes easy for managers and effective for staff


An easy-to-use employee database that integrates with your scheduling system.

  • Employment history
    Ensures you have an accurate representation of your employees' employment history at all times.
  • Multiple contract support
    Eases the process of managing people who hold multiple roles at the same time.
  • Scheduled promotions
    Enter promotions ahead of time with effective dates that automatically update permissions, contracted hours and rates of pay for more efficient management.
More about Employee Records

Handle your data securely and efficiently


Protect sensitive employee data and make managers' lives easier.

  • All documents in one place
    Upload of any kind of document against employee records, from visas to professional certifications, ensuring everything is in one place and easily accessible.
  • Structured data
    Store structured data against documents, enabling you to add an expiry date to files such as visas, along with notifications that ensure you are always up-to-date.
  • Automatic notifications for expiry dates
    Handle professional certifications safely thanks to expiry alerts, ensuring your employees' qualifications are always up-to-date and your business is compliant with industry standards.
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Try Sona for yourself right here

Don't just take our word for it - choose one of our interactive demos and discover how we can make your daily tasks a breeze.

Engagement Cloud

Monitor team morale and reduce preventable turnover

Reporting 04

Know how your workforce is feeling in real time and take preventative action to avoid churn

  • Early warning system
    Identify employees at risk of leaving before it's too late and increase your retention rate.
  • Shift feedback
    Enable managers to take timely action in order to support an employee that's struggling with an easy feedback loop.
  • Supportive environment 
    Create a supportive work culture with features that promote employee wellbeing.
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Reporting 04

Share company-wide updates with a single click


Support employees by sharing news and success stories across the organisation.

  • Celebrate milestones
    Promote employee wellbeing by making people feel seen and valued within your organisation. 
  • Share important news
    Newsletters can be overlooked and lack the community aspect a newsfeed can bring to your company's announcements.
  • Simplify workflows
    Our digital newsfeed gives you a quick, simple and unobtrusive way to share important news and information.
More about Newsfeed

Ensure great work is always noticed


Show staff you appreciate their efforts and embed a culture of recognition into your organisation.

  • Send messages of praise from anywhere
    Send personalised messages of appreciation to staff in seconds using the built-in templates and prompts.
  • Instant recognition
    Staff get a notification to open up the app and see they've been thanked for a job well done.
  • Boost your employer NPS

    3 in 4 employees who receive recognition on a monthly basis say they are satisfied in their role.

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We cut agency hours by 63% within the first three months of using Sona.

Claire Kennedy
Head of HR, Advinia Health Care

The app we have waited years for! Sona has been a time saver and a stress reliever.

Debbie Thompson
Team Leader, Praxis

Sona encompasses rostering, leave management, reporting, payroll, and timesheets - all in one solution, which we had never experienced before.

Lou Launchbury
Care Systems Manager, Active Prospects

Finance Cloud

Take ownership of your payroll processes


Streamline the hours reconciliation and payroll process, and avoid costly mistakes

  • App-based time & attendance for staff
    Make it easy for staff to clock in and out at the right time and report any issues if they don't.
  • Automatic exceptions flagging
    See all the hours that need manual review at-a-glance and approve or amend in seconds.
  • Easy export to payroll
    Export directly to a dedicated payroll system or to a CSV file.
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AI Cloud

Advanced AI to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.


AI Cloud harnesses advanced AI to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

  • AI-driven forecasting
    Forecast sales with greater accuracy using data from EPOS, booking systems, kitchen management systems and external events like sporting timetables, weather maps, cinema release dates and box office takings.
  • Dynamic self-learning labour modules
    Replace time and motion studies with models that automatically update as they learn from the data.
  • Auto-scheduling
    Automatically generate schedules based on what is optimal and achievable in reality rather than just optimal in theory.
  • AI co-pilot
    Our AI assistant is always on hand to nudge managers towards the highest impact changes they could make to improve sales and experience.
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Core features

The all-in-one app your employees will want to use

Offer a blend of functionality and convenience to all managers and frontline employees

  • Efficient shift management
    With skill-specific overtime options, advanced shift filtering, and accurate time reporting, staff can seamlessly pick, customise, and track their shifts.
  • Integrated leave oversight
    Provide a clear overview of personal annual leave, team schedule insights, and connect directly with HR systems for effortless leave planning and requests.
  • Enhanced team communication
    Offer versatile messaging options, from mass team updates to 1-1 chats, alongside a real-time shift feedback system that boost engagement and feedback.
More about the employee app

Practical reporting. Transformational insights.

Track every metric that matters in real-time with customisable data dashboards

  • Instant report generation
    Facilitate automatic hours reports for payroll, dashboard-to-CSV downloads, and offer advanced filtering for deeper data insights.
  • Optimised operations
    Replace spreadsheets with real-time dashboards that highlight operational metrics like hours' variance, shift fulfilment rates, and detailed leave entitlement insights.
  • Live retention analytics
    Monitor workforce wellbeing and engagement in real-time, identifying engagement levels across employees while providing comprehensive usage metrics.
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Get more out of your systems with our integrations

Integrations (1)

Work hand-in-hand with existing workforce management and employee systems

  • Seamless system integration
    Sona effortlessly supports your current WFM and employee systems, pulling data from HR systems, scheduling platforms or Excel, and accessing holiday entitlement details.
  • Adaptable with Sona API
    Integrate directly with the Sona platform for everything, from links to vertical specific vendors to reporting and in-house tools.
  • Support and documentation
    Ensure ease of integration with comprehensive documentation for any queries or custom development needs - assistance is just a live chat away.
More about Integrations
Integrations (1)

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