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Create and fill multi-site schedules in seconds

Staff shortages and short notice changes are a constant headache for managers. Sona helps you build full schedules in minutes:

  • Dynamic templates
    Create and save custom templates so you can populate schedules in minutes.
  • Assign shifts
    Managers can bulk-assign shifts to fit recurring shift patterns.
  • Shift Filler
    Managers can set 'open' shifts that available staff can pick up as they choose.
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Dynamic time and attendance

Time and attendance

Dynamic time and attendance

Save over 5 hours per week for your managers.

Replace paper timesheets and error-prone payroll reports and avoid payroll overspend by moving your timekeeping processes online with Sona.

  • Location verification
    Ensure accurate hours tracking with location-specific data, allowing managers to trust the hours recorded by employees. Geotagged technology also checks if employees were at the correct location during check-in.
  • Easy exception handling
    Managers can save over 5 hours per week using Sona's user-friendly interface. Whether an employee clocks in late or there are unexpected rota changes, the system streamlines exception management.
  • Accurate hours & payroll data
    Eliminate the risk of paying for unworked hours with real-time hours tracking. Simplify and optimise the payroll process, managing exceptions and exporting data all from a single intuitive interface.
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Shift Filler in action

Shift Filler

Shift Filler in action

Fill 50% more shifts with your own staff

A 'shift marketplace' that shows employees the available overtime shifts they can claim in seconds.

  • Maximise shift fulfilment
    Fill up to 50% more shifts using your own employees with Sona's Shift Filler, eliminating the need for expensive agency staff and ensuring consistency in care.
  • Automated management
    Save managers over 5 hours each week by automating shift filling processes. No more manual calls or texts; all communications are streamlined through automated smart notifications in the dedicated app.
  • Boost employee engagement
    Double the number of staff regularly claiming extra shifts, resulting in higher employee satisfaction, improved engagement, and increased company retention.
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Assign to Agency

Better outcomes and higher satisfaction

Ensure shifts are covered and maintain consistency with Assign to Agency functionality:

  • Automated shift assignment
    If a shift isn't picked up by a team member 24 hours prior, it can be assigned to a preferred agency worker from supplier lists, ensuring shifts are always covered.
  • Streamlined notifications
    Agencies are automatically alerted once a shift has been assigned to their staff, significantly reducing the administrative tasks for managers.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
    Boost both care outcomes and operational predictability by clearly knowing who is working when, harmonising coordination between your teams and agencies.
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Sona integrates with your favourite systems

Get more out of your existing systems by connect them to your workforce through the Sona app.

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A few of our customers...

The app we have waited years for! Sona has been a time saver and a stress reliever.

We cut agency hours by 63% within the first three months of using Sona.

Claire Kennedy

Head of HR, Advinia Health Care

It was like finding the golden egg that everyone looks for! Sona encompasses rostering, leave management, reporting, payroll, and timesheets - all in one solution, which we had never experienced before.

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