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Smart shift scheduling from Sona

Smart Scheduling

Smart shift scheduling from Sona

Sona’s Smart Scheduling system supports Residential Care, Supported Living and Domiciliary Care, all in one simple platform.

Sona’s dynamic roster is built to fit your business, not the other way around. Building a staff roster couldn’t be easier.

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Residential care

View rosters by location and let Sona ensure that employees' contracted hours are met

Supported living

Bring the people you support - and their care packages - into the system and ensure the right care is being delivered

Domiciliary care

Break up shifts into “runs”, with each visit and travel time clearly organised

Used by 100,000+ frontline staff

The team at Sona were very helpful and incredibly accommodating to all our requirements, ensuring that we could roll out very quickly and with minimal effort needed on our part.

The system is very well used and is now in all our homes with great results, with not just financial benefits seen but colleague morale having increased as they can easily see their rotas and also pick up extra shifts as they want to.

Claire Kennedy, Head of HR

Advinia Healthcare

Keep your roster full

Keep your roster full

Keep your roster full

Take the headache out of assigning and filling shifts

Staff shortages and short notice changes are a constant headache for managers. Sona helps you build full rosters in minutes:

  • Dynamic templates
    Create and save custom templates so you can populate rosters in minutes
  • Assign shifts
    Managers can bulk-assign shifts to fit recurring shift patterns
  • Shift Filler
    Managers can set 'open' shifts that available staff can pick up as they choose
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Built for all work types

Built for all work types

Built for all work types

Handle multiple contract types, pay codes, plus TUPE and agency staff, with ease.

Gone are the days of manually keeping track of which contract each employee is on and how their overtime or waking night shifts should be counted. Sona is built to handle:

  • Staff contract types
    Sona customers seamlessly track more than 20 different employee contract types
  • Working time directive
    Customisable rules prevent staff from working outside the rules you set for your organisation
  • Integrate agencies
    Keep track of shifts that have been assigned to agencies from the same roster view
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One click payroll reporting

One-click payroll reporting

One click payroll reporting

Automatically create clean and error-free payroll reports.

Payroll reconciliation shouldn't be a painful and error-prone process. Let our system take the strain:

  • Payroll reporting
    Automatically generate accurate payroll reports that will save managers and finance countless hours
  • Care package reporting
    Report on what care hours were delivered against plan, including detailed reporting on shared care hours
  • Simple absence management
    Keep your roster updated and account for both planned and unplanned absence in real-time
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Dynamic time and attendance

Dynamic time and attendance

Dynamic time and attendance

Robust digital T&A for easy time recording and reporting.

Replace paper timesheets and error-prone payroll reports and avoid payroll overspend by moving your timekeeping processes online with Sona.

  • Mobile time-clock
    Allow employees to clock in and out of shifts via their mobile phones with geo-fenced timesheets
  • Easy exceptioning
    Make complex exceptioning quick and easy for managers with guided processes and helpful prompts
  • To-the-minute cost control
    Reduce payroll overspend by accounting for every minute worked
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The intuitive e-rostering solution for modern frontline workforces

Loved by managers and employees alike.

Sona integrates with your favourite systems

Get more out of your existing systems by connect them to your workforce through the Sona app.

Want to learn more about how we can work with your systems?

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Scheduling FAQs

What are the benefits of digital rostering?

There are lots of benefits to using dedicated, cloud-based rostering software, but three of the biggest are:

1 Time efficiency

Rota management is one of the most time-consuming parts of a manager’s week. The right software can automate a lot of the manual roster work and reduce the time it takes to complete the tasks that can’t be automated.

2 Higher quality data

Having reliable digital records of when and where staff worked means a more accurate payroll. But it also lets you access valuable real-time intelligence about your people and operations that can help improve future schedules.

3 A better employee experience

Making rosters available digitally to your staff gives them greater control and flexibility over their working hours and fairer access to overtime. It also makes shift-based communication quicker, easier, and less intrusive when they’re not on shift.

Can I use Sona to schedule all my different shift and role types?

Yes. Rostering in Sona accommodates all working patterns, shifts, and role types. So full-time staff with fixed salaries can be scheduled right alongside hourly workers - not just in one location, but across sites, too.

Do you integrate with other workforce management solutions?

Silos are the enemy of efficient organisations. Sona is designed to integrate with your existing software so your staff can access everything in one place and data can move seamlessly between systems. We offer SSO and we integrate with a wide range of HR, payroll, and WFM platforms.

Recognise the great work that your employees do.

They will love you for it.

Recognition and credit for employees provided using Sona's workforce management app
Recognition and credit for employees provided using Sona's workforce management app

Our employee recognition tool is one of the many reasons why Sona is loved by managers and employees alike.

We believe that staff should always be told about the great work they do and how valuable they are - so we've made this as easy as possible for managers.

Simply click on their name and send praise their way in seconds.

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