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Discover the Sona advantage

At Sona, we are passionate about building technology that makes a genuine difference to the lives of Social Care staff. 

Sona is the award-winning next generation workforce management platform that combines the functionality you expect from any management solution - including Scheduling, Engagement, HR and Payroll.

With dedicated features to empower staff and solve the unique challenges of Social Care, we are the leading user-friendly, end-to-end platform that prioritises both efficiency and wellbeing.

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Trusted by frontline companies around the UK and Ireland

Core features

At Sona, our approach to Social Care goes far beyond just understanding – we specialise in it.

Similarly, our commitment to innovation is reflected in strategic partnerships and integrations to ensure your tech stack is not just current, but future-proof.

To see how Sona's core features distinctly outperform our competitors', we invite you to explore the detailed comparisons in the table below.

3rd generation of WFM

Large legacy providers Industry agnostic providers
Industry knowledge

More than 90% of Sona customers are Social Care organisations.

Our clouds, features and integrations all have a specific Social Care focus. Richard, our Head of Product, had over 10 years of experience working in Social Care before joining Sona.

We know that Social Care organisations vary amongst each other, too, so we have made Sona highly configurable. 

While the appeal of legacy systems may be understandable due to their perceived market presence, these often fall short in addressing the unique challenges Social Care is experiencing now.

For instance, there is no way of tracking safe staffing levels, viewing your schedule by People You Support or even seeing the type of care being delivered on each shift.

While it’s likely legacy providers may have some industry experience, they will not have the degree of focus Sona channels into building our product.

Industry agnostic providers generally offer the same features to every customer, regardless of their industry.

However, Social Care organisations often have specific operational activities and require a degree of complexity that not many other sectors do. 

Therefore, industry agnostic providers may not have the knowledge and product quality necessary to satisfy a Care organisation that aims to thrive. 

A singular, dynamic ecosystem

Sona has built a full end-to-end solution for Social Care enterprises with HR, Scheduling and Payroll working together.

Leading Social Care organisations such as Advinia Healthcare, Caring Homes & Innovate Trust have already switched their older systems to Sona.

Although advertised as an "all-in-one solutions", legacy providers more often than not grew through acquisitions.

This means their products often don't have a smooth, native integration; rather they are two separate solutions which might require additional development to communicate effectively.

Industry agnostic providers are unlikely to offer the range of systems needed in Social Care, meaning an end-to-end solution can be difficult to achieve without integrating with an additional external vendor.

Key partnerships

Integrations are key in order to build a future-proof tech stack, as no product will ever do absolutely everything to a high-enough standard.

Sona has a strong partnership with Camascope for medication management, and is close to completion of a deep integration with Nourish for care planning.

We additionally have existing integrations with a variety of other Social Care specific vendors and are always open to learning about new potential partnerships if you would like to keep any of your older systems.

Large legacy providers typically offer end-to-end solutions but tend to be inflexible in integrating with other systems.

This rigidity can be a disadvantage, as they often lack collaborative relationships with other key vendors you may wish to keep.

Industry agnostic providers are often not willing or equipped to integrate with Social Care specific systems, which is a huge risk for any provider.
Ability to deal with large organisation complexity

Sona is specifically engineered to handle the complex needs of diverse service types and multiple locations, making it ideal for large and complex organisations, including those with multiple types of shifts, pay rates, and internal rules.

With tailored support and dedicated implementation managers for enterprise organisations, Sona stands out in its ability to adapt to and manage these intricacies efficiently.

Designed to be highly configurable for each customer, our focus is currently on supporting organisations of 250+ employees.

Large legacy providers often demonstrate a notable rigidity in their approach, showing resistance to modify or adapt their systems to better suit the complex requirements of enterprise organisations with various service types and locations.

This inflexibility becomes evident, especially when dealing with organisations that have various types of shifts, pay rates, and organisational rules.

Consequently, customers struggle with fitting the existing system into their intricate internal structures. This often leads to significant inefficiencies, increased room for error, and more manual workarounds for teams.

These providers primarily cater to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with a focus on self-signup customers.

Their support infrastructure and services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of this segment.

As a result, they have faced challenges in accommodating large-scale enterprise customers, particularly in managing substantial user numbers from a single client as well as the complexities of their organisational rules.

A modern, user-friendly system

Sona is the next generation of workforce management, solving complex care challenges with easy-to-use technology that drives high engagement with both managers and employees.

Our design teams are dedicated to continuous improvement, regularly conducting research and testing with Social Care staff to fine-tune both the Sona mobile app and the desktop experience.

We strive to make our tools not just intuitive, but also supported by helpful clickable demos, FAQs, and user guides.

Systems from legacy providers often lack the modernity and user-friendliness seen in solutions from newer providers.

This can lead to employee frustration, as even simple tasks become tricky to perform. Also, many providers fall short in offering dedicated mobile apps for iPhone and Android, further limiting ease of use and accessibility.

Newer providers often present systems that are modern and intuitive, yet these are tailored for a broad range of industries.

This generalised approach leads to challenges in Social Care settings, where specialised features are crucial.

The absence of a focused design for Social Care means that industry agnostic systems won’t fully address your unique needs, leading to employee frustration and operational inefficiencies.

Reporting and dashboards

At Sona, we know that operational efficiency depends on the quality of your data. That’s why every data dashboard in Sona is fully configurable, giving you instant access to the reports and insights you need across locations, roles and departments.

What’s more is that your login view can be fully customised to show the dashboards most relevant to you, without ever having to jump between multiple screens or accounts.

Legacy providers have certain limitations in data consolidation and accessibility.

Users managing multiple regions or service types often find themselves navigating through multiple databases to obtain specific location-based information.

For instance, regional directors overseeing various locations face the challenge of logging into separate accounts to analyse critical metrics, unable to view this data collectively in one place. This lack of unified data presentation can seriously hinder efficiency within teams.

These providers usually offer only basic reporting, with no new report types added recently, as it's not seen as a priority because of the sheer diversity of industries they serve.

Unlike Sona's customisable dashboards, they might not even provide any dashboard functionality, limiting users in data visualisation and quick access to key insights.

Sona's clouds

Compare our cloud functionality to see the Sona difference 

Sona's clouds

Sona stands out against other providers with a comprehensive, cloud-based suite tailored to meet the specific needs of the Social Care sector.

Each of our four key clouds is designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of your organisation. Dive into the comparison below to discover how each of Sona's clouds delivers superior functionality, setting a new standard in the industry.

A few of our customers...

The app we have waited years for! Sona has been a time saver and a stress reliever.

We cut agency hours by 63% within the first three months of using Sona.

Claire Kennedy

Head of HR, Advinia Health Care

It was like finding the golden egg that everyone looks for! Sona encompasses rostering, leave management, reporting, payroll, and timesheets - all in one solution, which we had never experienced before.

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