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What’s your communication style?

Are you an Analytical Adam? Or an Intuitive Ingrid? Take our quiz to find out! 

Over 80% of us repeatedly experience miscommunication at work. At best it's inefficient, at worst it can affect relationships with our colleagues and lead to costly errors.

That's why we've created this bespoke quiz, designed to help you understand your communication style and provide tips to improve your communication with others.

Discover if you're an Analytical, Functional, Intuitive, or Personal communicator, and learn how to connect, motivate and collaborate with others using our top tips.

Get started and transform your approach to communication today! 


When communicating with my colleagues at work, I like to

Think strategically before I speak
Respond thoughtfully and relate in my response
Get my point across and make sure I feel understood
Be direct, make it fun and stay on track


I would describe my approach to communication at work as

Focused, so I keep the small talk short
Personal, I enjoy learning more about my colleagues
Thoughtful, so long as I'm not too busy
Fun, I always like to discuss cultural activities and hobbies


When speaking to my colleagues at work, I dislike it when I

Misunderstand the question and get the answer wrong
Start hesitating and questioning my abilities
Am unable to ask more questions to understand the task
Get too bogged down in the task and processes


When I communicate at work, I like to

Gather all the information and get straight to the point
Talk things through and ask for others opinions
Establish meaning in the conversation
Focus on tasks that build the bigger picture


When I discuss a task at work with my colleagues, I prefer my colleagues to

Be specific on the outcome of the task and provide benchmarks to hit
Look for opportunities to collaborate and contribute ideas
Focus on the task at hand and the process we need to follow to succeed
Use creativity and identify opportunities to improve the task


I recognise my colleagues

Rarely and only when they go above and beyond
Thoughtfully and regularly, making it personal and genuine
Every now and again with a little feedback on how to go reach more success
Sometimes, often using fun badges or with a certificate


When I receive praise, I usually feel

It's not necessary but it can be nice to hear when I go above and beyond
Reassured that someone sees the value in what I do
I enjoy praise and like to share feedback on how we can succeed together
Happy, especially if it's a certificate or badge that I can be rewarded with

HR & Wellbeing from Sona

Congratulations on taking the quiz, you're one step closer to putting your new and improved communication, into practice. 

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