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Why Sona?

The app your employees need.
The experience they deserve.

Few organisations could imagine running day-to-day operations without workforce management software.

But most of these systems were designed for head offices to manage their frontline workforces, not for use by the frontline.

A traditional noticeboard

Too many managers still rely on traditional channels to bridge the gap

A traditional noticeboard
  • Printouts & noticeboards
  • Multiple unoptimised web portals
  • Unofficial channels (like WhatsApp)

Resulting in frustration, inefficiency, and, ultimately, higher churn.

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Sona's workforce management software in use on a deskless worker's mobile phone

Sona is here to change all that

Sona's workforce management software in use on a deskless worker's mobile phone
  • Put previously out of reach tools in the hands of every colleague
  • Create an exceptional employee experience
  • Deliver transformational value for your organisation

Join the employee empowerment revolution.

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What can Sona do for you?

Simplify shift work

Ensure everyone knows their schedule and get additional shifts covered in minutes with our unique Open Shifts tool.

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Remove friction for staff

Sona turns every day staff needs like booking leave into self-serve tasks they can complete in seconds anywhere, any time.

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Amplify existing systems

Amplify your HR, scheduling and payroll platforms by making them all accessible within just one modern mobile interface.

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Fast & efficient comms

Make sure all employees always have the information and knowledge they need to thrive in their roles.

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What are the benefits?

Sona customers are turning employee empowerment into transformational business value

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Elevate the employee experience

Sona takes the friction and frustration out day-to-day work. Engaged, empowered staff outperform their peers and are more likely to stay with you.

Slashing manager admin time

One of our healthcare customers had previously spent 3 days a week on manual rota admin. With Open Shifts this process now takes 90 minutes, freeing up manager time.

Reducing staffing agency spend

Numerous healthcare sector customers have attributed lower agency costs to their successful implementation of Open Shifts.

Enabling cross-working patterns

By giving store colleagues visibility of shifts across all departments, a national retailer has enabled new cross-working patterns that hadn't been possible previously.

Improving service through feedback

A national care organisation is using Sona to source real time staff feedback on its services, ensuring that any issues are addressed quickly.

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