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Reallocate millions in operational costs

75% of operating expenses in many organisations consist of staff costs.

Next-generation solutions aim to address the specific areas affected by administrative tasks, over/understaffing, and agency spending. This accounts for approximately £6.5 million and 470,000 hours for every 1,000 employees.

Sona frees you to redirect these resources towards enhancing service quality and operational excellence.

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Trusted by frontline companies around the UK and Ireland

Smarter Scheduling at your fingertips

Managers likely spend a large part of their week piecing together a scheduling puzzle that is always changing shape.

  • Create and fill rotas in seconds
    Features like Rota Templates and Drag & Drop help your teams effortlessly create and fill schedules, returning 30-50% of admin time.
  • Error-prone payroll reports shouldn't be costing you
    Real-time hours tracking and simpler processes mean you’ll never be paying for hours that weren’t worked, reducing your payroll overspend by 1-4%.
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Save time, reduce costs

Unexpected changes and last-minute absences are a constant concern for managers. Sona transforms scheduling issues into seamless adjustments. 

  • Cut admin in half
    Minimise admin time by generating an Open Shift or directly reassigning new slots. Eliminating manual cross-referencing absences, rostering, and pay rates means Sona delivers time savings of 30-50%.
  • Decrease your agency spend by up to 60%
    Automatically matching staff with relevant vacant shifts, and creating a shift ‘marketplace’ for them to claim overtime, has helped organisations reduce agency spending by up to 60%.

Reconciliation and payroll in one go


Ensure precision in every payment cycle by using a solution that communicates directly with existing WFM and HR systems.

  • Automate your payroll
    Sona Payroll combines three data sources across HR, Payroll, and Contracts to give you timely and precise pay calculations across every team, each time.
  • Eliminate the double work
    HR and Payroll under one system means no information needs to be inputted twice and no dependency is overlooked. Once the rota is due to be processed, it can be ‘locked down’ for payroll, accounting for every exception including overtime and sick pay. 
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What our customers say

The app we have waited years for! Sona has been a time saver and a stress reliever.

It has helped so much with rota management that now we are not chasing staff for their availability. Instead we are posting shifts and it is up to them to take shifts as and when.

They have listened to our requirements and frustrations with current systems and worked with us to provide a system that will work for our teams and ourselves.

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