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Transform employee satisfaction for long-term retention

Feeling valued and in control is essential for employee happiness.

A large proportion of an organisation's costs are spent on staff. Sona's innovative features are designed to increase staff satisfaction by putting them in control of their experience, which can reduce churn and the costs associated with it. With Sona, it's never been easier to gauge employees' feedback and take proactive steps to keep them happy.

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Trusted by frontline companies around the UK and Ireland

An employee app designed to retain staff

The next generation of candidates will come with increasing expectations of a digital culture, while current staff want to feel in control without having to get to grips with complicated platforms. 

We've built Sona to answer both callings. 

Based on feedback, here are three top reasons why frontline employees love our app:

  • Advanced schedule visibility
    Full, up-to-date visibility of their schedule well in advance, allowing for personal planning.
  • Clear holiday entitlement
    Confirmation of any pre-agreed leave for new joiners and the ability to manage time-off requests.
  • Easy access to overtime
    Equitable access to overtime with one swipe to increase their earnings.
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Sona Well-being Tracker

Boost staff retention with well-being tracking

Sona Well-being Tracker

Feedback and transparency are key to identifying what works and what doesn't for new employees. But daily check-ins with a manager are not realistic, time-wise.

Sona's well-being tracker can help.

By monitoring individual well-being daily and across different locations, Sona equips managers with the ability to detect early signs of discontent and intervene before they escalate into turnover. The features include:

  • A special focus on new joiners
    Customisable well-being dashboards provide real-time insights into how new employees are adjusting.
  • Proactive trend analysis
    Managers receive alerts for negative patterns in post-shift feedback, allowing for timely support before churn.

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Cultivate a culture of recognition

When employees feel valued and listened to, they're more likely to stay long-term. This is a culture of recognition.

Sona offers the tools needed to build it.

With appreciation-focused features, you can effortlessly ensure staff efforts never go unnoticed, reinforcing your commitment to their well-being and satisfaction.

  • Send instant recognition
    Never miss an opportunity to send instant praise directly to their phone.
  • Personalised praise
    Use our templates and prompts to personalise appreciation messages to staff in seconds.
  • Boost your NPS score
    Showing recognition can significantly improve employee satisfaction. 
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What our customers say

The app we have waited years for! Sona has been a time saver and a stress reliever.

It has helped so much with rota management that now we are not chasing staff for their availability. Instead we are posting shifts and it is up to them to take shifts as and when.

They have listened to our requirements and frustrations with current systems and worked with us to provide a system that will work for our teams and ourselves.

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