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Case Study: Advinia Healthcare

Advinia is boosting team morale and the bottom line with Sona's ultra-efficient shift fulfilment.


  • 40% reduction in temporary agency usage

  • 49% of available shifts filled automatically through Sona

  • ​​Notable improvements in team morale and recruitment & retention of bank staff

The system is now in all our homes with great results, with not just financial benefits seen but colleague morale having increased as they can easily see their rotas and also pick up extra shifts as they want to.

Claire Kennedy, Head of HR & Recruitment

Our partnership with Advinia

Advinia is a top 20 UK care home operator, with 36 homes and over 3,500 staff across England and Scotland. The HR team at Advinia were struggling with too much TSOF (time spent on fulfilment) and high temp agency staff usage to fill gaps in rotas.

After a successful pilot of our shift filler feature, Advinia rolled out Sona’s employee app and shift filling platform to all its homes.

Sona's impact

Organisational benefits

Staff benefits

  • 40% reduction in temp agency usage

  • 49% of all available shifts filled automatically through Sona

  • Noticeable improvements in recruitment and retention of bank staff

  • Higher team engagement and morale

  • ​Easier and fairer access to extra shifts

  • Ability to earn more through enhanced pay rate incentives for picking up shifts

  • Greater flexibility to choose when and where they work

  • Rotas are always up to date and available instantly on their phones

Feedback from Advinia's homes

Video: Our Co-founder Oli talks people tech and Sona's impact with Advinia's HR team


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