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How Sona's shift app is reducing agency costs by 40%

Learn how Sona's shift management software and employee app are delivering significant ROI for our social care customers, including helping them to cut staffing agency spending by up to 40%

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Five benefits of cloud-based shift scheduling software

In this article, we highlight the five key advantages of using modern cloud-based software to stay on top of your shifts.

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Case Study: Advinia Healthcare

Discover how Sona helped Advinia Health Care reduce staffing costs and improve employee engagement with Sona's app and workforce management software.

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What is 'self-scheduling', and how can it unlock greater flexibility in care workforces?

Offering flexibility has a competitive edge in the labour market and lower churn rates. Our customers are doing precisely this thanks to ‘self-scheduling’.

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Customer Stories: Praxis Care

Streamlining shift management through Sona's app and platform has transformed Praxis’ operations, given time back to managers, and reduced agency costs.

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How much could missed shifts be costing your business?

In large organisations, small variances in staff hours can create significant difference in hours paid for vs. hours worked, effecting the bottom line.

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Finding shift cover just got a lot easier - introducing our Shift Fulfilment Engine

Sona created a unique feature to streamline the process of filling gaps in rotas to save managers time and hassle instead of calling, texting and emailing.

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