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Social Care

News, research and insights from the world of frontline work

Employee Appreciation Day: 5 Inspiring Initiatives in Social Care

Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity for Social Care providers to recognise and engage their staff. Here are five inspiring initiatives.

5 Benefits of Employee Retention in Social Care

The care industry's crisis needs to be solved. One of the solutions – maybe the most important – is improving staff retention. Learn why it’s important and how to do it.

5 HR challenges for the Social Care sector in 2023

HR teams in UK Social Care will face many challenges in this post-pandemic and inflation-ridden year. Here are the 5 biggest HR challenges of 2023.

Why every care provider needs an employee recognition programme

The care sector is facing a serious workforce crisis. Employee recognition programmes offer a simple solution to the challenge of high staff turnover.

What we Learned from the National Care Awareness Survey 2022

As the official sponsor for this year’s National Care Awareness Survey 2022, here are our thoughts on its key findings about the UK's social care sector.

The Rishi Sunak era is underway - what could this mean for Social Care?

Rishi Sunak is now Prime Minister. What does his leadership mean for the Department of Health & Social Care and for the care sector? We look at his plans.

CQC’s State of Care report: What it Means for Social Care

The CQC's State of Care report highlights a gridlocked health and social care system with a workforce capacity crunch. What does it mean for social care?

How technology is solving the NHS's £2500-a-shift problem

Agency costs in the NHS are rising to as high as £2500 per nurse shift, according to new reports. How can tech combat rising healthcare agency costs?

Care Show roundup: 3 standout innovations to boost employee happiness and well-being

Discover how leading social care sector innovators are adopting new ideas to tackle staff turnover and improve the wellbeing of their frontline workforces.

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