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News, research and insights from the world of frontline work

5 HR challenges for the Social Care sector in 2023

HR teams in UK Social Care will face many challenges in this post-pandemic and inflation-ridden year. Here are the 5 biggest HR challenges of 2023.

Announcing our acquisition of frontline communications platform Yapster

Frontline communications platform Yapster has been acquired by Sona to accelerate the expansion of our revolutionary Frontline Operating System.

Why every care provider needs an employee recognition programme

The care sector is facing a serious workforce crisis. Employee recognition programmes offer a simple solution to the challenge of high staff turnover.

What we Learned from the National Care Awareness Survey 2022

As the official sponsor for this year’s National Care Awareness Survey 2022, here are our thoughts on its key findings about the UK's social care sector.

What’s on Social Care's Christmas wishlist?

We explore what the Social Care sector would like to see from the government in terms of policy, ideas and reforms in 2023.

5 books every Social Care leader should read this Christmas

Five of our favourite must-read books on leadership for health and social care industry leaders.

Winter wellness - 3 ways to prevent burnout

Employee wellbeing and employee engagement should be two things at the top of every wishlist this winter. Fight burnout with these wellness tips.

Rewarding staff at Christmas - a guide to festive gifting

Christmas is a great time to recognise and reward your employees. Here are our dos and don'ts of Christmas gifting as well as some low-cost present ideas.

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