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News, research and insights from the world of frontline work

Your Guide to Frontline Workforce Management

What is frontline workforce management and what should you expect from modern workforce management software? Here’s our handy guide.

5 Benefits of Employee Retention in Social Care

The care industry's crisis needs to be solved. One of the solutions – maybe the most important – is improving staff retention. Learn why it’s important and how to do it.

Why every care provider needs an employee recognition programme

The care sector is facing a serious workforce crisis. Employee recognition programmes offer a simple solution to the challenge of high staff turnover.

The Rishi Sunak era is underway - what could this mean for Social Care?

Rishi Sunak is now Prime Minister. What does his leadership mean for the Department of Health & Social Care and for the care sector? We look at his plans.

CQC’s State of Care report: What it Means for Social Care

The CQC's State of Care report highlights a gridlocked health and social care system with a workforce capacity crunch. What does it mean for social care?