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Digital Transformation

News, research and insights from the world of frontline work

Making a digital transformation business plan for your Social Care organisation

Learn when it's time to move on from pen & paper, a legacy system, or a non-Care specific software.


Deskless, not voiceless: The rise (and benefits) of ongoing frontline employee feedback

The key to a healthier, more engaged workforce lies in establishing a culture of ongoing feedback.

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Sona Webinar Recap | Digital Transformation: The Next Social Care Revolution

Sona’s digital transformation webinar addressed challenges and solutions for achieving a bright future in Social Care. Check the main takeaways here.

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Sona Webinar Recap | Employee Empowerment: How Tech Can Help Your Staff Deliver Better Care

Join Oli Johnson, Geraint Thomas, and Nuno Almeida in discussing the importance of employee empowerment and how technology can improve it.

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A quick guide to onboarding new software for frontline workers

Getting onboarding right is key to the success of any digital transformation project. This guide highlights best practices to ensure a successful rollout.

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