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Building the future of deskless work - the Sona story

Frontline workers are still at the back of the queue when companies invest in technology. Sona is here to change that.

The idea

In a previous venture, Co-founders Ben, Oli and Steffen were responsible for a team of 10,000+ deskless workers. So they instinctively built out the tech they needed to manage everything from availability to communication, upskilling, giving feedback, working with friends, and fintech features such as early payouts. The result was consistently high staff satisfaction and retention.

By partnering with hundreds of leading retail and hospitality brands, they realised that the majority depended on outdated, siloed systems. Some had nothing in place at all. For example, one of their team who’d been working at a national retailer relied on a WhatsApp group for schedule updates.


80% of the global workforce (2.7bn people) don’t typically work at a desk, including many in frontline industries. However, software for frontline workers receives just 1% of venture funding in enterprise software.

This means frontline workers are still at the back of the queue when companies invest in technology. Almost every organisation buys software to manage its workforce. But there are hardly any tools out there purpose-built for frontline workers.

Sona is here to change that.


The vision

We believe the technology gap between desk-based and deskless workers will close rapidly over the next decade. The growth of dedicated software for frontline staff will have the same transformative effect as the SaaS revolution had in desk-based work.

Tomorrow’s successful frontline organisations need incredibly dynamic, empowered workforces, and we want to be at the forefront of that movement.

  • For frontline employees: that means an exceptional app experience, giving them a one-tap gateway to the tools, information and services they rely on but were previously hard (or impossible) to access.

  • For frontline organisations: that means replacing multiple legacy tools and processes with a single platform that instantly and seamlessly connects every employee and system.

Sona’s customers have already seen game-changing improvements in team efficiency and engagement. They’re significantly reducing their staffing and operational costs, too.

We couldn’t be more proud of the product and team we’re building to transform the future of frontline work.

If you are already part of the Sona story, we’re delighted to have you on board. And if not, we hope we have the opportunity to work with you.

Ben, Oli & Steffen

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