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News, research and insights from the world of frontline work

Sona and Greensleeves Care announce partnership

Sona and Greensleeves Care announce an exciting partnership.

Making a digital transformation business plan for your Social Care organisation

Learn when it's time to move on from pen & paper, a legacy system, or a non-Care specific software.


The Social Care Tech Map: Three core digital solutions an organisation needs

Learn more about the three digital systems at the core of Care operations.

New partnership and integration announced with PayCaptain

Sona and PayCaptain announce an exciting partnership.

New partnership for Social Care announced with Camascope

Sona and Camascope announce an exciting partnership.

5 book recommendations from Social Care professionals

Looking for a good book to help you get inspired for 2024? Here are five recommendations from our network of Social Care experts.

Deskless, not voiceless: The rise (and benefits) of ongoing frontline employee feedback

The key to a healthier, more engaged workforce lies in establishing a culture of ongoing feedback.

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Why we’re celebrating one million hours of holidays requested on Sona

Taking holidays makes employees more productive. How? This article breaks it down!


New partnership announced with Retinue

Sona and Retinue announce a game-changing partnership for Social Care.


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