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Social Care boomerang: The process of hiring returning employees

Looking to learn more about Social Care boomerang employees? Here's a short guide to hiring returning employees, including what to ask in an interview.


How to cover your care home staffing needs while reducing agency costs

Looking to learn more about reducing agency spend? Here are a few actionable tips that might help!


Sona Webinar Recap | Closing the gap: Strategies for workforce retention in Hospitality

Here are the main takeaways from Sona’s webinar on closing the labour gap in the Hospitality industry.

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Sona shortlisted for the 2023 Leaders In Care awards

Sona has been shortlisted for the Innovative Solutions, Care Homes and Best Care Marketing Team categories, at the Leaders in Care Awards 2023. The awards ceremony annually recognises the best providers, leaders, and suppliers in social care.

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Social Care around the world: Exploring the Dutch Social Care system

Welcome to the first edition of Sona’s Social Care around the world series.

Sona Webinar Recap | Does Social Care Need a New Culture of Recognition?

Here are the main takeaways from Sona’s webinar, 'Does Social Care need a new culture of recognition?'

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Sona Webinar Recap | Digital Transformation: The Next Social Care Revolution

Sona’s digital transformation webinar addressed challenges and solutions for achieving a bright future in Social Care. Check the main takeaways here.

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Sona Webinar Recap | Employee Empowerment: How Tech Can Help Your Staff Deliver Better Care

Join Oli Johnson, Geraint Thomas, and Nuno Almeida in discussing the importance of employee empowerment and how technology can improve it.

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How well-being check-ins can transform the way you retain staff

Struggling with staff retention? Learn how regular well-being and mental health check-ins can transform your worker's lives.

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