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The Sona Blog

News, research and insights from the world of frontline work

Building the future of deskless work - the Sona story

Sona is closing the digital divide in the world of work. Learn about our mission to put powerful workforce software in the hands of every frontline employee.


Announcing our $2.2 million fundraise

Today we’re excited to reveal that we have raised a $2.2 million (£1.6m) investment round - led by Speedinvest - to help us deliver Sona's mission.


5 HR challenges for the logistics sector in 2021

Here are five challenges that will be occupying the minds of HR and recruitment teams in the new post-Brexit, post-lockdown world.


How much could missed shifts be costing your business?

In large organisations, small variances in staff hours can create significant difference in hours paid for vs. hours worked, effecting the bottom line.

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Finding shift cover just got a lot easier - introducing our Shift Fulfilment Engine

Sona created a unique feature to streamline the process of filling gaps in rotas to save managers time and hassle instead of calling, texting and emailing.

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