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New partnership for Social Care announced with Camascope

Sona and Camascope announce a landmark partnership for Social Care.

Sona and Camascope announce their partnership for Social Care that brings together the next generation frontline workforce technology with the industry's leading provider of electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) software.

By coming together and connecting their technologies, Camascope and Sona ensure every organisation can seamlessly manage staff and improve care planning, with a comprehensive solution for all vital medication and care tasks. 

“Camascope’s partnership with Sona marks a significant stride towards enhancing Social Care. Our combined efforts reflect a commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in care delivery. We're excited to see the positive changes and advancements this collaboration will bring.”

Robert Livingston, CCO at Camascope

The partnership between Sona’s scheduling and Camascope's care planning offers a best-in-class option for businesses looking to efficiently manage their staff whilst ensuring compliance and prioritising the integrity and wellbeing of staff and residents alike. 

"At Sona, we are passionate about replacing legacy systems with modern technology to help Social Care providers thrive. That’s why we are excited about our partnership with Camascope - a modern tech company dedicated to partnering with its customers and delivering excellent services, just like Sona."

Steffen Wulff Petersen, Sona Co-Founder

About Sona: Backed by Google’s Gradient Ventures, Sona is the next generation workforce management platform for frontline enterprises, where consumer grade design is matched by enterprise complexity and AI driven decision making. Sona helps consolidate fragmented technology stacks by replacing up to 10 point solutions with Sona’s modular end-to-end platform.

About Camascope: Camascope's eMAR system is integrated with the wider health and care technology landscape, including connections to pharmacy chains, GP systems, and care planning solutions. The solution is designed to flag potential medication errors and summarise medication management across a group or specific care service, supplying care teams with vital information to elevate care delivery and safety. With Camascope's eMAR system, care providers can manage medications effectively, reduce errors, enhance operational efficiency, and improve compliance.