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News, research and insights from the world of frontline work

Deskless, not voiceless: The rise (and benefits) of ongoing frontline employee feedback

The key to a healthier, more engaged workforce lies in establishing a culture of ongoing feedback.

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Why we’re celebrating one million hours of holidays requested on Sona

Taking holidays makes employees more productive. How? This article breaks it down!


Social Care boomerang: The process of hiring returning employees

Looking to learn more about Social Care boomerang employees? Here's a short guide to hiring returning employees, including what to ask in an interview.


How to cover your care home staffing needs while reducing agency costs

Looking to learn more about reducing agency spend? Here are a few actionable tips that might help!


The Sona guide to the Care Show 2022

When and where is the Care Show 2022 and what can I expect? We answer all these questions and more in the Sona guide to the Care Show at the NEC Birmingham on 12 and 13 October.

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Creating a culture of staff recognition in social care

Lack of recognition is one of the biggest causes of preventable staff churn in social care. In this article, we explore the benefits of employee recognition and ways for care organisations to make team members feel appreciated.

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Three Strategies to Retain and Win Back Staff

According to our latest research, 79% of leavers are open to working in health and social care again in the future. Here are some practical steps health and social care organisations can take to reduce preventable labour turnover.


Retention resource hub for health and social care organisations

The Big Exit Interview provides fresh data and insight on the key factors driving social care staff to new roles outside the sector.

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A quick guide to onboarding new software for frontline workers

Getting onboarding right is key to the success of any digital transformation project. This guide highlights best practices to ensure a successful rollout.

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